Associates to Bachelor in Early Childhood

Requirements and prerequisites: You’ll need 60 or120 credits to complete this program. These may be earned through a combination of required and elective courses. Required courses may vary based on previous experience, training or transfer credits Core courses

Gain the skills you need to help children put their best foot forward at any early age with a Bachelor of Science in Education/Early Childhood Education. This program designed for students without prior teaching experience will help prepare you to shape the academic, social and cognitive skills of children in pre-K through grade 3

General Education Requirements

Communication Arts 6 6
Mathematics 6 6
Science and Technology 6 6
Humanities 6 6
Social Science 6 6
Additional Liberal Arts 3 6
Interdisciplinary Studies 9 18
Minimum General Education requirement total 42 54

First Year Courses (General Education)

GOV103 Into to American Government

MAT114 Intro to Business Math

HUM154 Ancient Egypt

HIS134 Introduction to American History

HIS136 African History

BIO123 Introduction to Biology

PSY212 Introduction to Psychology

PHY217 Introduction to Physical Science

CHM219 Intro to Chemistry

SOC 218 Introduction to sociology

ENG101 English

COM107 Speech for Business

Second Year Courses

GEN127: University Studies For Success

 GEN201: Foundations For University Success

ECH211: Instructional Strategies For Early Childhood Education

ECH205: Early Childhood Growth And Development

EDU215: Ethics And Social Responsibility In Education

 RDG351: Early Childhood Literacy Development

Third Year Courses

ECH300: Orientation To Early Childhood Education

ECH302: Exceptionalities Of The Young Child

 ECH301: Foundations Of Early Childhood Education

 ECH390: Early Childhood Student Teaching Seminar

 ECH321: Developmentally-effective Learning Environments

SEI301: Advanced Structured English Immersion Methods

SEI300: Structured English Immersion

Fourth Year Courses (Total 27 Credits)

ECH400: Assessment And Evaluation In Early Childhood

ECH418: Community And Family Engagement

 RDG416: Methods Of Teaching In Early Childhood Language And Literacy

ECH430: Methods Of Teaching In Early Childhood: Social Studies

ECH435: Methods Of Teaching In Early Childhood: Arts And Music

ECH416: Methods Of Teaching In Early Childhood: Mathematics

ECH499: Early Childhood Student Teaching (k Through Age 8/grade 3)

ECH420: Methods Of Teaching In Early Childhood: Science

 ECH498: Early Childhood Student Teaching (birth-preschool)