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Cornerstone University OF FLORIDA (CUF)

We offer accelerated, practical and professional training and education for individuals who need or prefer an off-campus educational alternative to a traditional or more collegiate-oriented biblically based degree program.


I am are delighted that you are considering Cornerstone University of Florida (CUF) for your studies. It is one of the most monumental decisions that you make in your professional journey. Here at Cornerstone, we hope that every prospective student will find the program challenging in a positive manner. Cornerstone is a premier place of learning and is recognized as one of the most selective and inspiring biblically-based universities around the world. One of CUF’s distinctive traits is to combine both quality-secular and biblically-based curriculum to provide a challenging education that will inspire you to succeed.

Christine Valentine, EdD, Ph.D.,

Christine Valentine, EdD, PhD

Why Cornerstone  University Florida (CUF)

Academic Excellence

CUF trains for knowledge not for license and provides and fosters an academic excellence to men and women through a biblically and intellectually based blended curriculum that empowers them for a brighter future.


CUF programs are not denominational based, thus giving a worldwide view and is adaptable to any organization, mission, or religious affiliation.


All CUF professors hold doctorate level degrees in their respective fields and have long term experience in their teaching career.


CUF filters the best secular and biblical curriculum to bring both a rigorous and challenging academic study which foresters an unparalleled well rounded learning environment filled with knowledge.


CUF classes can be completed on the main campus, at extensions campuses, at distance/online or a combination of any two.


Most CUF programs can be completed in either English or French. CUF tuition is very affordable, and we also have a payment structure that fits into any family budget.

What Our students say

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